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SFIA Level of Responsibility

Below are the 7 SFIA level descriptors, by clicking level number 1 through 7 you will see the 5 attributes that relate to each Level of Responsibilities. You need to decide which level best reflects the role. Read carefully and select the level that you feel is the closest match to the role's responsibilities.


Here is an overview of your skills and competency

Skill Code Catalogue

Below are the SFIA Skill Codes, by clicking on each category and subcategory you can navigate through the SFIA Skill Code Catalogue and select skills you possess.


Below are the skills you have chosen, you can indicate your competency in each skill and provide evidence for each skill. You can also add other technical skills you possess.

Training & Qualifications

Here you are able to add up to 5 training and/or qualifications, providing any certificates / proof of achievement.

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Here you can upload up to 5 documents (PDF, Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet) and write any further comments which provide evidence for your skills proficiency